Toe-Up Socks

Note to anyone not in ITD 7072: This syllabus is part of a project for a class in instructional design and technology and is a work in progress. I will be turning this into a tutorial through a series of blog posts on knitting socks from the toe up. If you would like to be notified when the finished tutorials are done, you can follow me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.


This self-paced course is a series of blog posts with instructions and demonstrations on knitting socks from the toe up. This is your home base to find all the blog posts on each topic. Every blog post will have a link back to this one as well as links back to the previous post and the following post.

The goal is to have fun and learn a new skill or build on the skills you already have. And, of course, to end up with a pair of socks you will be proud to pull up your pant leg and show off to everyone who is interested.

Here’s how this is going to work. I have created a series of blog posts. Each one is on a separate topic. We will start by learning how to select an appropriate yarn, finding a method of knitting in the round that works for you, and then cruising our way from casting on the toe, up the instep and sole of the foot, curving around the heel, trekking up the leg (which can be very showy), and ending with a bind off that allows your sock to stretch over your foot but still cling comfortably to your leg.

Because this is on a blog, the posts will be in reverse order (beginning post is last) and you will work your way up through the posts. But, I’m going to make this easy on you. At the bottom of this page will be a list of links (from first to last) to all of the blog posts in this series.

You will need yarn, needles and a pattern to get started. Before you spend any money, please read through the posts on selecting yarn and picking a method for knitting in the round. It could save a lot of heartache for you and prevent an unloved skein of yarn from being added to your stash or needles you will never use getting lonely in the back of a drawer.

This course is also a project I am doing for a course in instructional design and technology. Sometimes you may see some materials that looks more formal than your usual knitting tutorial on a blog. You are certainly welcome to look over it. Just know that there will be no grades or checking attendance. I’m here as a friendly guide and fellow knitter who has some answers, but certainly not all.

I am a passionate knitter – some might say obsessed. I’m pretty much self taught and I’ve learned the most from mistakes, which are innumerable. Here is more about me and how I got hooked on yarn and needles and here is that fancy, formal syllabus for the course.

OK, let’s get knitting!

Lesson 1: Yarns and Patterns

Lesson 2: Needles and Knitting Methods

Lesson 3: Gauge

Self Assessment 1: Are you ready to knit socks?

Lesson 4: Fitting and Measurements

Lesson 5: Casting On

Lesson 6: Toes

Lesson 7: Developing the Foot (Increases)

Lesson 8: Heels (Shaping and Picking up Stitches)

Lesson 9: Legs

Lesson 10: Binding Off, Cuffs, and Edging

Links to tutorials will be made live later in spring 2014

Lesson 11: Learning the Language (Terminology)

Lesson 12: Using Ravelry for Research, Finding Answers, Recording Your Work, and Connecting with Other Knitters

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